Here’s an article in Time Magazine claiming “that patients who undergo aerobic exercise regimens see comparable improvement in their depression as those treated with medication…Exercise boosts mood. It not only relieves depressive symptoms, but appears to prevent them from recurring. So do some cardio if you are moody or feeling depressed.

“…Smits and Otto recommend the familiar 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, like walking, five times per week, or 30 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise three times a week. These doses, which are regularly recommended for physical fitness, are the only ones that have been well tested for depression. “But we can’t say at this point that more wouldn’t be better,” Smits says. “Or maybe less would be better. We really don’t know.” Too few tests have been run. It is also unclear whether anaerobic exercise, like weight lifting, would have the same mood-lifting effects – or whether exercise works as well in severely depressed patients as it does in sufferers of mild or moderate depression.”