I had a real confrontation yesterday morning that is worth mentioning as an example of how hard it is to change your mind and be flexible. I’ll detail it in a moment.

There are many people who want constant stimulation and excitement. They go from one party to the next, maybe three in a day, play tennis in the morning and golf in the afternoon. Hopefully you, like me, have seen three movies in a row. But some of us, and I am one of those folks, need a little space between the highs. A breather. A time to reflect, or at least digest, the great times we were just fortunate enough to experience.

I admit that I am able to spend time alone and not feel lonely. I know personality types who are energized by being in crowds or groups. Still others could almost be despondent if they had no plans to socialize on a Saturday night. They boast gleefully that they were invited to an exclusive party or to so many Christmas celebrations that they are basically bar hopping. Or that they are already planning, and possibly taking, yet another vacation after only eight weeks.

Some will admit that being alone makes them think too much about their lives and problems. They need to be constantly distracted by external events that demand their attention or interaction. Maybe they can never be satisfied for long, by either one partner, one house, one play or just one restaurant meal a day or a week. And I am not saying that anyone should be. We are all different people with various personalities. That is part of the richness of meeting people and having new adventures.

Ok. What was my confrontation? May 30th was the last day of the turkey season, and I had only been in the woods four days all Spring. So after my perfect, successful hunt three days earlier, I wanted to duplicate the high as best I could. Especially now that I am able to shoot intuitively some times.

I was up at 3:30 am, dressed and drove to the farm in time to be snug in the forest before first light. But on the way, for the first time ever, I was having second thoughts about hunting. I was tired—only about 4½ hours sleep—and I was a little nauseous, which may have been from being tired or from the anti-Lyme disease medicine I was taking. But mostly I was realizing that it just didn’t feel “right” to take another bird.

You should know that hunters are allowed to harvest three birds this season. And even though I hadn’t yet eaten the one I had killed on the 27th, I do have a freezer in which to store a second turkey I might hit. So this was a crazy reaction.

I drove by the entrance to the farm, turned around down the road a bit, parked the car and reconsidered my plan. It just didn’t feel right. I could see myself missing the shot intentionally, should I be lucky enough to even have one. Sometimes I am excited that I am close enough to just notch an arrow, much less letting one fly.

In the end, I trusted those same instincts that had led me to victory three days earlier, and I drove home. I couldn’t believe I was doing that. But when I got into a warm bed at 5 am, I was sure I had made the best choice.

Nevertheless, I was surprised that I was able to recognize my change of heart and to actually act on it. If I had been meeting a buddy who wanted to hunt, of course I would have gone into the woods with him. But I was pretty proud of being able to turn on a dime. I wish I could have been so flexible many many times in the past. I would have a lot more money from investments and might have even had more success in business. We do the best we can. What do you think?

I played tennis this morning for two hours. Singles with a guy who always beats me. Every single time. I wasn’t sure if I was dumb to get on the court when my ankle was not totally healed—it’s still sore in places. But I survived. I was a bit rusty…it’s been almost four weeks since I played. Fortunately I did not lose by any more games than before. Don always beats me 6-3 or 6-4. And that’s what happened today. If I hadn’t had this forced injury interruption, I might have done better. I was so improved a month ago.

But I was giddy that I was able to play at all. Normally I might have been frustrated that I couldn’t do easily all the things I have been learning, reading about and watching on the French Open. Today little steps are ok.