June results set some records. I was active 22 days, which is below my record 25 days in November.

I played tennis or practiced during 18 days over 36 hours, which is a record number of days for a month, though below my record of 41 ¾ hours.

My nine crunch sessions equaled my record number of sessions in May and in December. But I was no where near my record of three sets of 450 (1350 total) in May. I was still attempting to vary my routine, by just doing different stomach exercises for 30 minutes a session. I was told that if you don’t change your routine, your muscles get used to it and don’t grow as much. But I am totally unimpressed with the results. So I will go back to the numbers game.

I did add The Plank, whereby I get into a pushup position and just keep my back straight for as long as possible. I started at 160 seconds and built up to 240 for one session. Harder than it sounds. There was also one day of various stretches and floor exercises.