July was a bust. My usual problem when I travel and don’t make exercise time. I was active just 17 days, way below last month’s 22 days and my record 25 days in November.

I played tennis or practiced during just 14 days, below my record set last month of 18 days, and for only 28 3/4 hours, down from last month’s 36 hours and way below my December record of 41 ¾ hours.

My five crunch sessions are pathetic, also way below my record number of nine sessions in May and in December. I did start up the numbers again and reached 250+250+250 (750 total), but that was no where near my record of three sets of 450 (1350 total) in May. I was still attempting to vary my routine, by just doing different stomach exercises for 30 minutes a session. But I am giving up on much of that.

On three of the days, I went hiking in the Austrian Alps…5 1/2 hours. Pretty, but no real workout here. Maybe when I am an old man in my 80’s, I will do more of this activity. For now I am still able to sweat and run, so I will keep on doing huffing and puffing.