In the locker room at the gym, I heard one scrawny, little guy telling someone he was up to 118 since he started lifting when he only weighed 100 pounds.

We all come to the “table” with whatever body and talents we were born with or God gave us. What we do with that beginning is up to us, to our will and determination. I am glad that I am tall, slender, healthy and always had reasonably-defined arms. With my package there is also a pathetically narrow chest and no abs. I look at the fat guys attempting to lose weight, the beefy guys working for some definition. They have a real challenge. One man I know with an office job has been coming to the gym four times a week for over 40 years. Why does he still look overweight, without any muscle definition?

There are other younger gym rats who also come four times a week. Some have fantastic development, big chests and arms, large necks and rib cages. Their talk is often of physical life, like restoring cars and fire fighting, construction work, and I even met a prison guard who needed to defend himself from attack. Are these men just naturally physical? I could imagine them avoiding the gym after a day of active living? Any ideas? I don’t have a logical conclusion yet. However they are definitely an inspiration for a former desk jockey like me who avoided exercise and gyms my entire previous life.

The gym on my first Monday there was packed—is everyone else working off the weekend’s food and drink? Or just starting over the weekly routine after a two-day rest? I am thrilled to be gaining weight…another pound added, so I am back to 170.

I made some progress with the number of sit ups (3 sets of 40) I can now do when my calves are on the exercise ball and how well I can balance for Supermans on the ball. I am up to 9½ bicep-assisted pull ups on the chinning bar.