How do you go from losing to winning? I played tennis initially like an old man on Thursday after four weeks away from doubles due to my ankle sprain. Lots of long balls and double faults in spite of the good practicing the other day. Still babying the foot on the runs to get some hard shots.

Then after losing 6-3 and being down 4-1, because I lost both games I was serving, something magical happened. My partner said “Let’s make a new start and change our attitude.” Miraculously we brought the set to 6-5 our favor and won the set 8-6. How did we turn it around?

At the French Open, I saw/heard similar reversals: Serena Williams came back from 1-4 to tie the match against Kusnetsova (although she lost the final set and the match); and Soderling came back from 1-4 to beat Gonzalez.

How do these comebacks happen? The TV announcers talk about momentum, confidence, being tired, on the edge, the fickleness of the crowd’s support. It can’t just be so completely random, can it? After I knew that Nadal was defeated by Soderling, I watched the match. I laughed out loud when I heard early on from one announcer how Soderling was playing pretty well and that it was a good showing before his inevitable defeat.

Of course this unpredictability is what makes the viewing so exciting. But as a player I want to know more about how to overcome setbacks and reverse that momentum that’s favoring the other side. Is there some kind of deep breathing, relaxing, faith in miracles, or special potion I can use? Seriously, how do these reversals come about? I refuse to believe we can’t do something to help them occur. What do you think?

After two hours of tennis, and a short break, I was back on the squash court for an hour, reminding my body how to hit and practicing volleys as advised to improve my service returns. I stopped after reaching 17 forehand and 12 backhand volleys. My foot is not all better, but it is fit enough to play.

Yesterday I did some pushups: 48 non-stop (then 10 breaths), 12 more (another 10 breaths), and then a final 7. That’s 77, the best total in this current buildup, even if the initial 48 is down from the 50 I did first the last time.