October was reasonably active. I did something physical 22 days, around the same as last month’s 23 days and below my record 25 days in November 2009. I am not counting two days when I just did some push ups or a 270 second plank.

I played tennis or practiced on 15 days, below my record of 18 days set in June, but for 42 3/4 hours, up from last month’s 37 3/4 and breaking my all-time record of 42 1/2 hours. I am now playing the best tennis of my life and last week dropped out of a regular game that has not proved as challenging at my new level. So many improvements in my serve, lobs, forehand and net volley game. I can’t get enough of this sport.

I did crunches four times, up from just once last month and still a long way from my record of nine sessions in May and in December last year. At least I broke my all-time record for numbers…my best session of 1505 (400+455+650) set a new record over my previous record of three sets of 450 (1350 total) in May.

I did some push-ups…wrist still not any hindrance or pain. Only four times, down from eight different days last month. My maximum without stopping was 43, down from last month’s top of 46. I’m inspired by some of the world records I have been reading about and posting, as well as my story and email exchanges with Doug Pruden, who holds many national and world push up titles. There were three days of stretches and doing planks, same as last month, and a record of 270 seconds, up from my June record of 240 seconds.

I made it to two gyms (Boston and Miami), swam two (butterfly and back stroke) laps in North America’s largest and longest pool and went hunting twice for a total of 7 1/2 hours.

I still can’t believe that I have become such a physical person. This past week I played squash four times in eight days, tennis three times for 11 3/4 hours, and went hunting twice for 3 1/4 hours. Who is this guy? I just don’t recognize myself. Do I look familiar to any of you? I only regret that I get tired and “lazy” and can’t make myself do exercises when I am so active in the other sports.