Initial Push Up Test—most people rank 2 or 3

Having recently posted the story by Doug Pruden, the Push Up Guy, who still holds many world and national push up records, I decided to do push ups myself, and see if I could improve my strength and performance. I am still stuck in the low 40’s, doing about 43 consecutively, although today I did 46. My lifetime record achieved over 20 years ago was 57.

When I told my son that I wasn’t working on my abs, but doing push ups instead, he told me about a site that shows you how to reach 100 consecutive push ups within six weeks, NO MATTER HOW LOW YOU START!

Anyway the challenge intrigued me: could I do what the program instructed, three times a week, a total of just 30 minutes a week? It sounds minimal and easy. Just requiring the discipline that I generally don’t have.

Years ago a runner friend of mine challenged me to run a 7-mile mini-marathon. I trained for over a month in the late summer afternoons, when the sun was low. I could do it pretty easily. The day of the race, at 1:00, OOPS! It was 93 degrees. I had no experience drinking while running. I had never watched a long distance race and seen all the water-gulping. So when I reached the finish line, the med guys told me to immediately hit the red cross tent—I was so de-hydrated—and I really scared my family who couldn’t find me right away, then saw me on a stretcher with ice on my head and a face that was paper white. They thought I’d had a heart attack. Meanwhile, lying right next to me, a 22-year-old was being asked if he had any “next of kin,” before he was ambulanced to the hospital.

I never ran in a race again, and I now know a bit more about accepting running challenges.

So here we go with this push up challenge: Can he do more than 46 or 57 push ups, folks? Will he be able to set a new personal best record? Will he reach 100? Will he be able to make himself do the exercises three times a week for six weeks?

Stay tuned as I report on my progress…or lack of it. Also place your bets and let me know the odds in each direction. I am not yet determined…but I am amused. I’d really love to be able to just make the effort. Breaking my lifetime record of 23 years ago would also be very very satisfying…and I should have a few more muscles as well.

Finally as Doug said, no commuting to the gym, no more hours in the car, no more polluting the atmosphere with more gas fumes, no expensive gym fees.

So starting tomorrow…I will start the program…wish me luck.