Continuing my goal toward 100 push ups, I flew by the second day’s regimen of five sets of push ups: 25, 15, 15, 20, 25 with 90 seconds between each set. The third day was my first obstacle. The challenge is 22,30, 20, 20 28 with 120 seconds between sets. I could only do 15 non-stop for the last set, so I paused a few times as I crawled on my knees over the finish line doing the last 13: 5 (pause), 4 (pause), 2 (pause) and the final two.

I think I strained my back too. Idiot. I gather that I am now supposed to either start the week over or keep doing this third day over until I complete it.

At least I made the effort. I was so exhausted from the morning’s tennis that I had to rest all day. After the push ups at 6 pm, I went to hit tennis balls with a friend who hadn’t been on a court in over a year and used to dominate me. If we’d played a game, I am pretty sure I would have lost…unless I could have worn him out over a set or three. I was definitely improved over our last match and in better shape, but he can still kill a forehand and deliver a serve.

In spite of my aching back, I also hit with my coach today. He really urges me to relax my upper body. I didn’t tell him about the pain I was feeling. But some of his pointers—focus on your feet, so there is no tightness above your waist and your stroke and serve is smooth and fluid—made a huge difference. Can’t wait for the next games on Thursday and Friday.

In the last seven days, I have played tennis and squash six days and 15.75 hours. During three of those days, I did push ups. No wonder I am tired…

At the squash courts, where I am number 14 of 15 members on the ladder, I was challenged by the guy below me. I won the first game 11-1, then lost 1-11. What a shock. Thought I was going to run away with it. Next game I came from behind to win 14-12. He was winded in game four, so I won 11-6 or 7. Another player at the Sunday clinic who hadn’t played in four years took me three games straight, and I never earned more than 6 points in each game. These experienced players sure are tough to beat. The lesson focused on hitting balls long and over your opponent’s head when he is up close. I didn’t even think to do that in my ladder match until the middle of the last game…when #15 did it to me. Pretty dumb of me.