ping pong loser beware

Here is an amusing reaction to winning at ping pong. I do love watching the intensity of the game—whether ping pong, tennis, football—how serious everyone is and determined to do their best. And then someone wins and completely transforms into a totally different personality. Was that other self always inside just waiting to pop out? Where would it have gone if it had lost the match? And what about the player(s) who lost? They have to be as dignified as possible, given that they are allowed to show sadness and dejection. I watched Roger Federer cry like a baby when he lost a Grand Slam. What did you think of that?

Anyway here is a victor holding nothing back, whether it’s his victory dance or sticking the virtual sharp end of his paddle deep into the the loser’s heart. Thank goodness the defeated player didn’t deck him…

But after another viewing and focusing on the scoreboard, I came to a different conclusion about who won the game. See if you can figure it out right away.