Ready, Set, Go...across 26 miles of Antarctica

Humans like to run, and they do it in the craziest of places. There is a group of 17 people who went to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, for the 13th annual marathon. Others race the course on cross country skis. You can read about it in this article . Their ages range from at least 27 to 69.

“This is one of the few places in the world the average person can’t come to,” said one runner. “You take whatever job you can reasonably do just to get here.”

penguins cheer the runners

Running the McMurdo Marathon to say you did it may be its primary draw. It is a decidedly noncompetitive race, and some of the spectators are penguins, of course. One runner has whale sounds he listens to on his iPod—maybe the whales nearby are rooting for him. Another marathoner, Grace Sorbello, listens to the soundtrack for Dances With Wolves. Very outdoorsy. Grace was the first woman to unicycle across America.

not too crowded in this race

Certainly a committed group. Makes that little run through New York seem positively tame, because getting to this race is a bigger hurdle than the running…