This was a good month, despite holiday family time. I did something physically demanding 20 days, barely up from last month’s 19 days, though below my record 25 days in November 2009. I am not counting four days, when I just did some push ups for a few minutes, as compared to 2-5 hours of tennis.

I played tennis 16 days, for only 36 1/2 hours, close to my record of 18 days set in June, and below my all-time record of 42 3/4 hours. But I did play squash four times for 6 1/4 hours, so the two add up to 42 3/4 hours. I also played vigorous ping-pong for two hours.

I did not do any abs crunches the whole month, taking on the challenge of reaching 100 push ups. I did some on 11 different days, equal to last month. My maximum without stopping was still 46, no better than my number in November and September. I am disappointed that I am at a plateau and cannot improve my total. The guy who said I could do 100 in six weeks clearly had not considered my specific limitations. His plan is to do them three times a week, more in each set each day. I did get as far as the first day of the fourth week, then past the fourth of five sets. So I did 21, 25, 21, and 21, each followed by a 60-second break. But I cannot then complete the fifth set of 32…I finally reached 14 and then to my high of 17. A long way left to go.

Nevertheless muscles are firming up in my upper body.