French Abs-bassador to Tunisia in trouble for this picture

Here is an article from The Daily Beast that shows why you should be careful baring your chest if you are a politician.

With his killer abs and fiery temper, France’s new ambassador to Tunisia triggered an international incident after a swimsuit photo—and some undiplomatic videos—hit the Web. Eric Pape on why some are saying the Abs-bassador must resign.

France may be a nation famous for grandiloquent old diplomats, but in post-revolutionary Tunisia it seems to be represented by a blunt, moody, and coarse-tongued ambassador who is as ripped as Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein ad .

For all we know, there could be countless closeted musclemen in the French diplomatic corps. It isn’t as though they post hunky photos of themselves on social-networking sites, right? But then, it seems, there is Boris Boillon. A photo of the recently appointed 41-year-old ambassador to Tunisia shows Boillon in sleek briefs-style swimwear. The picture was screen-captured from Copains d’avant, (Buddies from Before) a French social-networking site.