A very physical month. I did something athletic 21 days, up one from last month, though below my record 25 days in November 2009. I am not counting four days, when I just did some push ups or wall sits for a few minutes, as compared to 2-5 hours of tennis. And there were only 28 days in the month. So I was active almost every day.

I played tennis 14 days, for only 32 1/4 hours, almost identical to last month’s 15 days and 32 1/4 hours and below my record of 18 days set in June, and below my all-time record of 42 3/4 hours. My tennis game is still improving, though I was crushed yesterday (only 6 games for me in three sets) by a player I have never beaten. I am hitting the sweet spot much more often on my forehand, thanks to a slight rotation in my grip…when I can do it quickly enough against a super fast ball coming at me.

I played squash once for for just one hour, went cross country skiing once for 1/2 hour, went downhill skiing once for 1 1/4 hours, did spinning three times for 2 1/4 hours, shoveled snow off the roof twice for three hours.

A third month of almost no ab crunches, just one 20 minute session. I went to a hotel gym once and really worked my lats and quads. I am now doing wall sits, where my back is against the wall, my knees are bent 90 degrees, and I just count the seconds of agony. This is all to improve my ability to bend lower in squash and ski on a planned trip to Utah in March.

Slight progress toward my goal of reaching 100 push ups, which I did on 10 different days…its been 11 days in each of the last three months. I had days of 51, 51 1/2, 53, and 54 all up from 50, which was my best in three previous months. The training program that supposedly takes six weeks is still impossible for me. I am stuck at the goal for the first day of the fourth week, which is five sets: 21, 25, 21, 21 and 32, each followed by a 60-second break. I remain unable to complete the fifth set, but did achieve 23 1/2 one time, up from last month’s record of 22. So this is a very slow climb up the path to my goal.

The real challenge for me is after playing tennis for 2+ hours to have the strength—both physical AND mental—to then be more active, whether skiing, push ups or other exercise. I feel like I get lazy, though I know my physical life is very respectable, even impressive to some friends who live on their couches.