Played tennis again this week and went to the gym twice. The good news is that I did 150 bicycle crunches (3 sets of 50) and then today actually had some sets of 60 ab crunches on the exercise ball.

On the chinning bar, I did 8 pull ups, when I did those first—and then just 6 chin ups—and today I did 10 chin ups—when I did those first—followed after a break by just 4½ pull ups. These are new records for me. Both days I did the usual stretches and various machines and some free weights. And here is another accomplished set of abs for inspiration:

ryan reynolds must work out a lot

ryan reynolds must work out a lot

After Tuesday’s terrible tennis, I hit with my son for an hour on Wednesday, and was pretty consistent. I was raring to go Thursday, but played poorly yet again. Serve no good, forehands too long, awful. After the doubles losses, I played singles with one of the guys, took a 5-1 lead and then lost lost lost until we were at 6-6. Then I blew the tie breaker 2-7. What was that all about? Just a normal slump?

I was attempting a different serve, a spin serve. I was trying a different toss. That may have messed me up, along with being tired from so much activity (four hours on Tuesday, 2 hours on Wednesday). But that doesn’t excuse all the other poor shots.

I practiced alone for an hour and did great. Then I picked up a hitting partner who was more powerful than any of the guys I played doubles with, and I was stroking fantastically. I can’t explain it…other than recalling those famous words about how one should play the game as relaxedly as when one is practicing.

Tomorrow I will play squash at my friend’s court–first games in ages. Can’t wait to see how I do, now that I can hit the ball so much better and have worked at volleys, rail shots and service returns.