Last night at midnight, after playing tennis for two hours until 8:15 pm, eating, driving home and digesting my meal, I did 12 1/2 minutes of abs crunches. It was the 1000th day in a row that I have done some muscle-building exercise for 5-20 minutes. Tennis and squash don’t qualify. I have proven to myself and others that I CAN be disciplined enough to make myself do this. No matter if I was in a tent in Mongolia or on vacation in Europe or Japan.

I am extremely proud of the self-confidence I have acquired in the process. Yes some friends, like one who was a dancer and stretches or moves an hour a day quite often, are not impressed. But this was a supreme challenge to me for decades, because months would go by in the old days in which I did absolutely nothing.

No more. It is a regular and essential part of my life. I fantasized about stopping now that I have reached this incredible marker. But I decided that would be dumb, having made it this far. Now to think about what may be next. A tougher challenge?

Whatever takes discipline, I now know that I have quite a bit…

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