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Having Fun By Risking Your Life

Cameron Airshow 2014 from Aero Media Group on Vimeo.

I am such a wuss! So conservative. Playing it safe, when I head for the tennis court.

But there is another breed of human who relaxes(?) by doing daredevil stunts. Hopefully these athletes are professionals who are earning big dollars for risking their lives to entertain a few thousand thrill seekers.

In addition to one biplane flying so low and at such a slant that a motorcyclist can touch the wing, there is Skip Stewart who is the first pilot to fly an airplane UNDER a jumping motorcycle!

I dunno…can’t relate…can you?

If you want more details about the uniqueness of some of the stunts, check out the Cameron Airshow’s website.

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Unbelievable Unimaginable Athletic Skills

Here is a mesmerizing and unbelievable compilation of super-personish athletic achievements, some of which have been on this site previously in expanded versions. In a world of so much grimness, sadness and disagreement, this celebration of physical achievements and courage is as uplifting as you can find.

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