In my two previous posts, I showed pictures of the stomachs of female celebrities and wondered how the fan mags could rave about non-existent or barely perceptible abs (with one exception—Shakira). I also admitted that I was having little success in finding women celebrities with defined abs, except for singers like Mel B and Gwen Stefani. Maybe it’s because they are dancing and jumping on stage so much…or they work out extra hard in the gym to be able to do all that movement in performance.

I wondered if women had different kinds of abs than men, the way they can’t generally do push ups like men, or do have hips wider apart (so they can deliver babies). I mean we all agree the anatomies are different. I went to a web site called and found a few examples of women who really work out. These are not celebrities, in fact their names are rarely posted. But they do have abs…

Hahahahahahahaha…We all have to laugh at me—I just found out that one of the women won the 2010 Miss Universe bodybuilding competition last year. Learning about these various fitness and pop culture worlds is one of the great joys of writing for this site. Maybe some of the other women are famous too. Let me know.

Anita Hess—Miss Universe 2010

woman bodybuilder with defined abs

another woman with abs

young woman with abs

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