Here is another video and comment by Joe Marshall about a professional player who can inspire us all. What impresses me so much is the same skill I observed in the previous Santoro video from Joe posted two days ago—the ability to anticipate where the ball is going to be in the future. This may just be an instinct that you either have or your don’t. But I can see in my own tennis game that I begin to sense where certain people I play with repeatedly are going to put the ball. It takes a bit of courage to commit to going there before even the opponent knows what he/she is going to do. But it makes all the difference.

Even if you have no interest in basketball, go to 3:00 in this video and watch an astonishing anticipatory Bird steal of the ball.

Larry Bird, one of the all time greats in his sport. He dreamed the game.

No one was more creative, no one hustled more, no one did as much with relatively limited gifts (couldn’t jump, couldn’t run). But he was tall enough to be a great player, he had great hand-eye, amazing anticipation, the best pattern-recognition, and a genius basketball mind.

I don’t follow basketball that closely, but Larry was an exception….he reinvented the game.

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