Free style soccer appears to be juggling a soccer ball with your feet and body. Indi Cowie is thought to be the best female free styler in the world. She is just 16. Here is an article about her story and skills. And here are some excerpts from the article.

Cowie had never heard of freestyle soccer until one day in 2005 when she met John Farnworth, the freestyle world champion, and he offered to do a demonstration for her. “It was absolutely mind-blowing the tricks John could do with a soccer ball,” she says. “For me, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.”

She started trying to teach herself an Around the World: circling a foot around the ball during juggling. “I worked on that for about a month, and then one day I finally landed it,” she says. “That moment was so satisfying that I committed to becoming the best I could be at freestyle.”

She practices for at least 90 minutes a day and wears through a pair of specialized freestyling sneakers every month. The family garage is her laboratory, where she practices.

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