I broke three achievement records today. So I am certainly proud of myself.

I did 58 continuous push ups. My record was 57, done in Moscow in 1984 or 1987. So all this recent effort is showing some results. Just took me 25 or so years to do it…

I beat Joe Marshall at tennis 6-4, and then lost the next set in a close tie breaker, 5-7. But the joke is that he is a right-handed player who used his left hand in our contest. So it’s a small satisfaction.

I have now done SOME exercise every day for 187 straight days. A huge achievement for me, but a friend who used to be a dancer was totally unimpressed: “Only 5-10 minutes a day? That’s not very much exercise.” The fact is that sometimes I do it after 1:00 AM. Other times after 3-5 hours of tennis and/or squash. It actually takes all my effort to keep the record going, to remain disciplined (by doing ANYTHING AT ANY TIME) in spite of travel, business, family activities. I am still proud of my staying with it. But it’s all relative. I once knew a retired prima ballerina, and she still fit in a “mere” 1 1/2 hours of ballet exercise every day.

Yesterday after 90 minutes of singles and doubles tennis, I drove an hour to a prep school and took a 90-minute, non-stop squash lesson. I was exhausted. I asked my 17-year-old instructor how much he practiced during the squash season, and he said at least three hours every day, and he rose at 5 AM (as did other students) to do some of his workout before class!

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