It’s pretty obvious that I have not been writing regularly. In the words of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, I broke the chain…of consecutive (or even frequent) days in a row of writing here. I could blame it on my trip to Mongolia. Whatever. I came back jet lagging, then addicted to the US Open…then the America’s Cup…then debilitated by the fights in Congress…then depressing work on taxes…then someone ran over my wife’s little dog…still sad about a friend who died of a stroke…etc etc. Plenty of excuses.

I DID continue to exercise every day. The links in that chain are still intact. I have done some exercise–no matter how late, no matter where I was on the planet–for 696 consecutive days as of today. It’s barely a source of pride anymore. It’s a regular part of my life. Inconvenient some times, when I return home from late afternoons of tennis, and I have to wind down for an hour before I exercise…so that I can finally eat afterward. I feel real hunger pains. But that’s my life now.

Writing is another story. I need to push myself more here. I have always been undisciplined about writing and exercise. Conquered the latter. Now time to work on the former.

By the way, I have started playing tennis more frequently after the summer games ended, and the indoor/winter games are just beginning. I will write about a major improvement…

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