Another politician shows off his chest. What’s with these guys? Really dumb. Although I gather they are not thinking at all. There goes another career. He was going to run for mayor of New York. Now he is probably just going to run for his life…Below is a Daily Beast assessment:

Photos released this week of a bare-chested, bronzed Congressman Anthony Weiner revealed that he has a lot more in common with The Situation than he does with, say, congressional brethren like Barney Frank. For a 46-year-old, Weiner is ripped. “He’s not jacked like a gym buf, but he’s cut,” says Jeff Bell, a top personal trainer in New York who runs a business with Madonna’s ex, Carlos Leon. “Most heterosexual males in his category are not in his kind of shape. They’ve got a little tire around the waistline and they’re not as toned. Unless he’s a genetic freak, he’s definitely exercising.”

Weiner bares his chest for fans

So, how does a guy with middle-age spread get the kind of body he wouldn’t be embarrassed sending to a younger woman (or six)? Try the Weiner Workout. Our not-quite-resident-expert, Bell, whose previous clients include Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, and Brooke Shields, recommends a combination of pushups, pullups, burpees, and plank holds.

Never heard of the last two? That’s OK. As Bell explains, a burpee is a body-weight exercise you can do anytime, anywhere—even in the halls of Congress. You start by doing a squat, jumping into pushup position (hands and toes on the ground, body parallel to the floor), doing a pushup, jumping back into a squat, and then coming back up. Plank holds, meanwhile, are a core-strengthening exercise that can be done from a variety of positions, the simplest of which is like a pushup, except that the elbows are placed on the ground in front of the chest. Hold for 30-60 seconds, keeping the stomach tucked in.

“He’s doing stuff like 20-30 pushups at a time, with some situps and pullups thrown in,” says one New York celebrity trainer.

The idea with all of these exercises, says Bell, is multiple sets of high reps. “[Weiner’s] not doing five or six pushups with a weighted vest. He’s doing stuff like 20-30 pushups at a time, with some situps and pullups thrown in.”

Of course, exercise alone isn’t enough to achieve that ripped look. A good diet is a must.

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