Went to the gym late on Friday the 12th. Did 7 pull ups—up 2, but then only 5 chin ups—down 5. Still tired from Wednesday and Thursday’s 5 hours of cardio. But I put in the hour, including three sets of 45 crunches.

Some sick people in the house. After attending a funeral Monday morning, I learned that a house guest has swine flu and that my daughter may have caught it. Turns out not the case, but pretty upsetting when I was already glum from the church service and the sad crying and sense of shared loss. Fragile life.

Another four hours this morning playing tennis (poorly, my side lost 4-6, 4-6 to opponents who are 93 and 85—I hit lots of balls too long) and then practicing tennis serves and strokes followed by an hour of squash hitting. Feels good to be tired this way. Rushed home for a protein shake. Weight holding at 170.

And for those who might be interested, here is a good looking, very inspirational 6-pack developed by Mark Wahlberg who is posing in his underpants for a Calvin Klein ad. This is what we are all working hard to achieve—this is the goal, the finish line in the world of desIRAble abs:

Mark Wahlberg's abs revealed in Calvin Klein Underwear Ad

Mark Wahlberg's abs revealed in Calvin Klein Underwear Ad

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