I am constantly impressed by how incredibly difficult it is to change familiar habits, patterns and strategies. In fact it drives me crazy, when I experience this challenge constantly on the tennis court. It also makes me assume it is just as big an obstacle in daily life, whether we are talking about how to treat your loved ones better, make money, win friends, follow a new career path.

Somehow I believe intuitively it shouldn’t be so damn hard. But it definitely is for me. I took four tennis lessons in the last 30 days…I watched some videos from a different tennis guru that taught me a new serve and forehand and backhand…and I can’t make my body execute them 95% of the time. We are not even talking about a strategy, like lobbing instead of hitting a ground stroke. That I can remember to do sometimes, especially when I started playing with a lob queen and read after ungodly frustration that I should be lobbing back, instead of attempting a passing shot by the net man.

But it is almost impossible for me to make my arms follow though and bring that racket over my left shoulder. Or to complete a backhand in the (baseball umpire and Stan Wawrinka) “Safe” position. Why so tough? I don’t know.

I watch myself not able to perform as if I am an alien inside someone else’s body. I tell my self to follow through…and then I don’t. Or to turn sideways…and then don’t. Or to keep my eye on the ball EVEN WHEN I SERVE…and then I don’t! Unbelievable.

I have read that it is so hard to change habits (without trauma) that the best solution is to create a new habit. 10,000 swings or balls hit using the new habit. But who has time for that? Not me. I am playing tennis four times a week recently, so you’d think I am getting enough practice. I hit practice serves after the games. But it still isn’t happening. What will it take to make the change?

Is it just me? My athletic or aged pea brain? Is it so shriveled up that it can’t absorb new instructions? I would never believe that!

I know I have to keep trying. I know that I am driven to improve. I know that I have succeeded before to change careers, where I live, how I live (from city to country). So I am optimistic–even confident–that I can do it. But as of yesterday’s match, it still wasn’t happening. I am impatient and frustrated. Stay tuned…

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