Here is an article and video (skip right to 42 sec) about a 6-year-old break dance prodigy named “B-girl Terra” who is putting all adult dancers to shame.

Last weekend, the miniature competitor took part in the Chelles Battle Pro competition in Paris, blowing away the rest of the contestants with her unbelievable windmills and headspins. Though she didn’t walk away with the final prize in the Baby Battle (she was bested in the last round by fellow pint-sized break dancer, JStyles), her tiny track suit and killer moves have certainly won the hearts of everyone who’s watched her since then.

I think it’s amazing that some kids display the passion, talent and athleticism at such a young age. It’s miraculous, when you think of all the humans who don’t even have serious interests until much later in life (like me with tennis). Prodigies are enviable. At least I have always had interests, am rarely bored, and have even had a few compulsive passions…like cheese, wine, non-fiction writing, chess, photography, hunting, even high diving (3-meter board) to impress girls in junior high school, etc. I feel for those who never seem hooked on any interest enough to really go after it enthusiastically. But if I have some passions, other people have different ones, like playing music or becoming a politician. We all are who we are. Still, few of us are prodigies like this kid.

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