When it comes to good health, I know more about that than most. My father was a chiropractor in the days when his profession was regarded as laughable. I even fought in elementary school to defend Dad’s honor when classmates called him a quack. But I heard every night at dinner about new patients who had tried everything else, and they were finally stooping to going to a chiropractor as a last resort. And then Dad healed them or made them much better.

My father taught me a lot about what causes many illnesses and how to prevent becoming sick. My dad was unwell enough to be in bed just twice while I lived with him (my first 17 years) and twice after that. He lived to 88, and only needed surgery after being hit by a car.

I inherited his genes and am never sick–one day in bed in the last 25 years or so. I did have childhood things like chicken pox (when I was 21), and hepatitis that I contracted eating native food in Korea. But aside from some occasional colds and pollen and ragweed sniffling that now evaporates with anti-histamines, I am very very healthy. Much of that may be genetic or dumb luck. But some of that healthiness has to do with how I live and think. I will tell you about it as I describe my progress in sculpting IRA’S ABS…

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