At lunch on the 24th, a woman friend said that anyone who says food is better than sex hasn’t had good sex. Also that sex is more than just the physical act, it is also the intimacy, the closeness, the sharing, the afterglow.

I was asking my friend about the woman who wrote (in a newspaper article I read) that music and food—specifically 70% dark chocolate—give her more of a rush than sex (see post on June 9th about overeating)

Last week I met a man who buys cocoa beans and turns them into chocolate bars. He also said that as good as chocolate is, especially his high-quality bars, he can’t imagine any man thinking chocolate, or any food, is above sexual activity in the pleasure-rating scale. He also thought most women would agree with him, but suspected that women probably do have more enjoyment eating than men, in general. What do you think?

Thursday tennis was fair—my team split the two sets. I hit fewer long balls, serve was stronger than anyone’s (though I was broken twice), and my net game was mediocre.

Also made arrangements with the coach at the local squash club to join and play more regularly.

One more gym visit due for the month…and maybe some effort at home to bring out more muscles than is possible with just eight workouts a month.

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