I had a real confrontation yesterday morning that is worth mentioning as an example of how hard it is to change your mind and be flexible. I’ll detail it in a moment.

There are many people who want constant stimulation and excitement. They go from one party to the next, maybe three in a day, play tennis in the morning and golf in the afternoon. Hopefully you, like me, have seen three movies in a row. But some of us, and I am one of those folks, need a little space between the highs. A breather. A time to reflect, or at least digest, the great times we were just fortunate enough to experience.

I admit that I am able to spend time alone and not feel lonely. I know personality types who are energized by being in crowds or groups. Still others could almost be despondent if they had no plans to socialize on a Saturday night. They boast gleefully that they were invited to an exclusive party or to so many Christmas celebrations that they are basically bar hopping. Or that they are already planning, and possibly taking, yet another vacation after only eight weeks.

Some will admit that being alone makes them think too much about their lives and problems. They need to be constantly distracted by external events that demand their attention or interaction. Maybe they can never be satisfied for long, by either one partner, one house, one play or just one restaurant meal a day or a week. And I am not saying that anyone should be. We are all different people with various personalities. That is part of the richness of meeting people and having new adventures.

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