Today marks 20 straight days that I have done push ups and bicycle abs crunches, alternating each exercise each day. And it’s 22 out of 23 days. This has been in addition to many days of travel, tennis and even a couple ice skating and hunting. It’s a tremendous achievement for me to have been so disciplined, even though each effort is only 5 minutes max.

For years I worked in rooms that had carpets or weights crying out, “Use me, Ira.” But I never noticed them, never heard their reminding pleas. Never thought to do even 30 seconds of activity. Just couldn’t handle another stimulus.

Lately I have actually forced myself to do exercise after midnight to keep my streak going. That’s amazing for me. But more interesting is why sometimes we humans CAN do what we dream of doing? We go through little phases of concentrated activity, briefly reaching our fantasized goals…and then we are distracted or worn out or simply stop for no known reason. I often quit after reaching a new record. Maybe I feel that is enough of an achievement. But for now I am motivated to the point of action. Can’t wait to see how long it lasts…

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