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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Six-Pack Still Looking Good

Cristiano Ronaldo's almost perfect abs

Cristiano Ronaldo’s almost perfect abs

When I first started this site, it was about wanting my own six pack. I learned about it, wrote about it and exercised. I publicly stated this goal to help motivate myself. I posted pictures as inspiration, including some of Cristiano Ronaldo, world-famous soccer star.

Now he is posting his own on Instagram. Here are some thoughts one columnist wrote:

“Ronaldo is another celebrity, then, determined to take charge of his own celebrity, knowing that his body is the commodity that requires the most diligent selling. He has his own underwear line, CR7, and is opening a five-star hotel Friday—what timing to be all over the tabloids flashing his six-pack!—in his native Funchal in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.

“Ronaldo, like David Beckham, another proud “spornosexual,” knows that his career with Real Madrid and Portugal’s national team—which just won its first European championship—can only last so long.

“He knows he is a brand and that his body is central to that brand. And so it comes out regularly, like a shopping display, whether to sell underwear or rooms in as smart new hotel.”

Ah the trials and tribulations of those who know that beauty and health and youth is so fleeting…

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3000 Sit Ups A Day!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Recently found yet another picture of Cristiano Ronaldo and his abs. I watched the World Cup games for the first time and was happy to recognize this soccer star and his name…even though he couldn’t bring his team to victory. But when I find it impossible to exercise my abs consistently or even for very long in a day, I am nearly depressed or at least disheartened to read that according to the British Daily Mail, Cristiano does 3000 sit ups a day. If it were even true, how long does it take to do that? At one a second, that’s 50 minutes. So it has to take longer, maybe an hour to an hour and a half.

How do athletes fit in all that practice? I used to know a prima ballerina for the New York City Ballet who told me that anyone could make time to practice at the bar every day for an hour and a half. What kind of mere mortal am I that I can’t find that “little bit” of time each day of the 12 hours when I am not sleeping, eating, showering, dressing, and brushing my teeth and hair? Oh yes, most of us have to commute to a workplace (or soccer field or ballet studio) and then work (or hit a thousand practice goals). Not much time left.

And yet somehow these stars can squeeze in 75-90 minutes of leg stretches or abs exercises. I have to view this routine as an inspiration and not a giant source of depression. Here I go…right after I eat breakfast…and the food digests…and before my business lunch today with my lawyer and the time to dress and drive to the restaurant…and doing any work in the remaining minutes available. Keep you posted…

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Ronaldo’s Relaxed Abs

We’ve seen his abs before, but this is such a nice shot of them that I had to post it. He just casually slouches in a chair, and the abs define themselves so easily. Think he does any special stomach exercises? Or does he just hit soccer balls upside down all day? I read that he is the highest paid FIFA player.

Cristiano Ronaldo's abs pop without any effort

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Soccer Six-Packs

Photographer Annie Leibovitz presented some beautiful portraits in a recent Vanity Fair magazine. It was the abs displayed that really captured my imagination and are an inspiration.

Didier Drogba (L) and Cristiano Ronaldo are soccer stars with super abs

Didier Drogba (L) and Cristiano Ronaldo are soccer stars with super abs

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