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Over 2500 Days In A Row Of Exercise

Yesterday was the 2,506th day in a row that I have spent five minutes or more doing some kind of exercise. And I do not count the hours of tennis or squash, which sometimes occur 3-4 times a week and can add up to 7-plus hours a week of vigorous activity. Almost seven years, never missing a day. I did something on trips to Mongolia, Easter Island, Japan. I rose out of bed, when I remembered that I had forgotten. I even exercised the other day after 1:00 AM.

A terrific achievement for me, because I was so lazy in my previous life, going months without doing anything. I stopped going to the gym after a futile attempt. I wouldn’t pick up weights that were in my office. I was hopeless.

Then one day, ashamed and disgusted, I challenged myself to do anything for at least five minutes, whether rowing on a machine, push ups, pec flys, stretches, planks. Sometimes I was active for 15-20 minutes.

Last November I overdid a machine in a hotel gym and messed up my left shoulder. That forced me to do physical therapy to gradually recover. Couldn’t push a seat belt down or take off a t-shirt without pain. But the PT and other exercises have made a difference. Am back up to a 3-minute plank (record is 5 minutes) and pec flys with 10-pounds (used to use 25-pound weights). It’s all a process, a slow slog…for someone who used to be a slug. No more. 2500 days in a row, without missing one of them…

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Back From Viewing Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Shinbashi Street is lit up at night for more cherry-blossom viewing

Shinbashi Street is lit up at night for more cherry-blossom viewing

Have returned home after two weeks in Japan, and still jet lagging. Went to visit my son who lives there. Always a challenge to do my daily exercises, especially when traveling 30 hours door-to-door. Am now at 1240 consecutive days.

One day I climbed too many steps of a shrine to the top of the “mountain.” Did it with my daughter, so we bonded in a tiring effort. Took about two hours round trip. Another day our family walked five miles looking at parks, temples and streets festooned with blossoming cherry trees.

Here are some photos:

walking down at last at the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto

walking down at last at the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto

dressing in kimonos is common in Kyoto

dressing in kimonos is common in Kyoto

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Daily Exercise At 96

A friend’s mother died recently at age 96, so I read her obituary in the local paper. In her 20’s she was a club tennis champion, and she played golf as well. Had a hole-in-one. But what really impressed me was that “she exercised watching Jack LaLanne from 1951 until he went off the air and worked out every day until several days before she died.”

Wow! She’s 96 and still exercising every day. I can’t wait to find out what she was doing. She sure must have been healthy and fit to be doing anything physical at 96. Maybe it shows the value of being active and fit. We can all learn from her…

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150 Straight Days Of Exercise

Forgive my bragging, but this is really a terrific achievement for me. I challenged myself to do some kind of exercise every day—even if just 5-10 minutes—no matter where I was, time of day, or what I did. I completed this much of the goal—150 continuous days—with five sets of push ups: 21, 25, 21, 21, 32 with 90 seconds rest between sets, except for 120 seconds before the last set. Exhausting.

This has changed my life completely, because I do them in the evenings, and I won’t eat usually until I have done the task. And many of the days, like today, I played squash for an hour after working during the day. So I came home at 8 pm and couldn’t get up the energy to do the exercise until 9:15. This is mostly an effort to stay disciplined, and I have not been a disciplined person ever before, when it comes to regular exercise.

Many of the early days, I ate and then read or watched TV until I felt able to exercise without nausea or indigestion. Often I was exercising after midnight or after having fallen asleep on the couch.

Doing push ups three times a week is another sub goal I have also taken on to see if I can ever reach more than 57 non-stop push ups. The program I am following is supposed to enable me to do 100, but I’d be happy for now just to break my previous record…which I set in 1987, when I was in the Soviet Union for a month and could exercise every day. I was also a lot younger. We’ll see what I achieve.

Tomorrow I will practice a new tennis serve that I saw on TV. So much to do. So many challenges to take on…How are you doing?

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61 Continuous Exercise Days And 150 Push Ups!

after 150 push ups—1/11/12

Time for an update photo, so here I am after doing 150 push ups. Now don’t be too impressed…there were 49 in the first continuous set, and then another 18 sets (yes, 18) of 5-7 each. Still quite exhausting. Having given up on any regular gym visits of 45 minutes to an hour, and unable to make it more than 2-3 times a week, when I was going, I stopped basic exercising for months. Occasionally I’d do a few ab crunches or bent over rows or push ups.

But then I challenged myself to do something—anything—every day. And I have done just that for 61 straight days (and 63/64 days). Today’s push ups took 12 minutes. The two previous days I spent 8-10 minutes doing crunches. At least I look toned. Although whatever I am doing is only resulting in a 2-pack or a 3-pack (depending on the light).

These daily mini-workouts are in addition to sports activities. For example starting January 1st, I have played squash three times (three different days for 2 3/4 hours) and tennis six times (five days and a total of 14 1/4 hours).

I am very proud of my sticking to the exercises. This was impossible in my entire previous life. Who am I now? A guy who is packing it in, while I am still able. Happily, my tennis level is much higher as well.

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