Had stomach-hurting laughs with a friend who admitted that when he is in his pressured moments working like a draft horse, he drinks 6-8 cups of coffee to get his caffeine high, eats junk foods like McDonalds burgers and shakes, then drinks wine and liquor at night to calm down when he is finally home. The biggest laugh was that he sometimes eats Ding Dongs with vodka. A very classy combination. But it helped him gain 20 (unwanted) pounds over the last six months.

I’ve always regarded Ding Dongs as complete crap. Haven’t had one since elementary school. I really appreciate my friend’s true confession. Here is a nutritional chart: note 368 calories and a D- nutrition grade.

the perfect food for gaining weight—Ding Dongs

Each Ding Dong provides 11 grams of saturated fat...yum

By the way, a Ding Dong Ditch involves knocking on the front door (or ringing the doorbell of) a “victim,” then running away before the door can be answered. Wonder what prank or trick the homeowner is enduring

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