The other day a friend said I was a very disciplined guy. I couldn’t relate to the compliment, because until I challenged myself to do SOME exercise—even just 5-10 minutes—EVERY day, I couldn’t do anything regularly, except maybe brush my teeth. But I have exercised 225 days in a row! I have struggled to keep this streak going, remembering after I was in bed and rising to the task, not doing the drills until 1 or 2 am, when I arrived home from a night out, gutting push ups or crunches on a full stomach that I thought wouldn’t hold the food down. I am finally tired of this late night pressure, often after a few hours of tennis.

I feel like a student actor who just wants a bit part as an extra in a movie. Then he gets that and wants a speaking role…next a credit…then a starring role. Finally he wants to direct, produce, form a production company.

Now that I have done something for more than seven months, I am announcing a new challenge, which I know won’t impress you, but seems very difficult to me: I have to do my exercises AFTER breakfast and before lunch. Or after lunch and BEFORE dinner. Somehow. And I often eat breakfast around noon or lunch around 4:00, because I am busy with work or other commitments and chores.

This limited exercise program, in addition to the sports activity, is not leading to giant muscles or increased numbers of push ups. But I do have some cut lines on my abs and arms. So it’s something. Now let’s see if I can exercise at more convenient times…

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