I just returned Wednesday the 28th from Florida, where I attended a college reunion. I will comment later on what I saw when I looked at people I hadn’t seen since 1962. First a report on the month’s physical activity, which was hampered by the high-class problem of being away 22 days.

Gym Work—I avoided it like I used to, as if it were a punishment. And Surprise! Surprise: my abs have practically disappeared. No wonder. I worked on them diligently April, May, June, July…then went to the gym just three half-hearted-30 minutes-each visits in August, September and October. Just used the lat pull down machine. Once in Boston and twice in Miami. How did I ever go to the gym 6-10 times a month? I did do crunches at the gyms or at a hotel. But the quality is very poor—when doing bicycles, my elbow doesn’t always touch my knee after about 60 or even 50 on the last two sets. We’ll see how long it takes me to get back where I was. I really miss seeing some definition each time I shower or brush my teeth.

Oct 5: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 200 chairs

Oct 10: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 200 chairs

Oct 14: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 200 chairs

Oct 16: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 250 chairs

Oct 18: 30 minutes of slow, good crunches and lat pull down in gym

Oct 21: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 200 chairs

Oct 27: 100+100+100=300 bicycles plus lat pull down in gym plus first Zumba dancing class

Oct 28: lat pull down in gym

Oct 30: 150+150+150+200 ball crunches

Tennis Play—Six contests plus an hour against a wall in Miami. Includes two singles matches in which I beat a contemporary and played well against a 40+ in a Florida pickup game.

I was awful after a two-week break and jet lag. But I hit a lot of good strokes yesterday after Wednesday’s wall practice. When it clicks in, the game is terrific. Also made it to the squash court for an hour of practice. Just agreed to attend a squash clinic on November 1st.

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