I just spent a week in Spain and became caught up in football (America calls it soccer) there. Learned about the success of FCB (Futbol Club of Barcelona), watched my first match on TV, while rooting for my new team, bought an FCB jersey that I already wore playing tennis–the other players said I looked like a stop sign.

But I was constantly impressed with how dextrous soccer players are with their feet and legs…a talent I lack completely. It has been 45 years since I was in Barcelona admiring the architecture of Gaudi, and 25 years since I was in Madrid watching and loving the sensuousness and foot skills of flamenco dancers.

But I have never seen the varieties of flamenco that I discovered in this video: there are eight different kinds. Breathtaking. Sexy. Romantic. Revealing. Unabashedly passionate and vulnerable. Enjoy this mastery of the body by humans I cannot relate to. You too will be inspired to practice more leg exercises and foot movements to put us in touch with the lower half of our physical self…after years of indifference and distance.

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