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20 Fitness Tips From Some Experts

looks like Arnold did squats too

looks like Arnold did squats too

the pain shows, doesn't it?

the pain shows, doesn’t it?

This article sounded questionable, when I clicked on it. But it has many familiar suggestions that I agree with, and it also leads to decent videos and other short articles. So check it out. I was especially interested to read that squats are better than crunches for building abs, and that sleep plus decreased carbohydrates should reduce female belly fat.

Let’s hope these ideas will work. I am going to do some squats right now—just after two hours of evening tennis—to get in shape for two more hours of tennis tomorrow morning.

tips for squats

tips for squats

are squats better than crunches?

are squats better than crunches?

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Exercise Report—More New Crunch Records…Like 750 Total

Good news and not-so-good news. My right arm may be strained, near the elbow. Too much tennis plus squash? Too many pull-ups, push-ups and chin-ups?
No idea…but my abs aren’t affected. So I did the following:

August 3—100+100+100=300 bicycle crunches plus 250 crunches on the ball. Up from 500 total, which puffed the muscles out for my recent photo.

August 8—175+175+200+200=750 crunches with legs on a couch…a new record, up from 700 total.

August 15—100+100+100=300 poorly executed bicycle crunches plus 200 crunches on the ball.

Did fit in 35 push-ups non-stop one day and then 49 another. But didn’t keep at it. Could do no more than 20 on another day, and then 45 on another.

Haven’t been to the gym since July 30th. Mini-vacation with friends, guests on two consecutive weekends, family events, and lots of racket sports have been the choice instead. Uh-oh. I am falling over the cliff. How do I get back on track with a sore arm? Eight times in a month is looking pretty distant, more like impossible.

I feel guilty and down about my lack of exercise.

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