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851 Days Of Exercise But No Burpees Yet


Just did some barbell bent over rows on my 851st day in a row of some kind of exercise…not counting the 2-10 hours of tennis each week. A satisfying disciplinary achievement.

Also read about the benefits of HIIT: high intensity interval training. I was out of breath just yesterday doing some painful push ups—I really resist doing them. Here are some excerpts from this article , which suggests burpees as the best exercise to do.

I don’t do them, but I should start. Here are two burpee videos. The first shows a modified burpee that is less stressful on your back. The second one is amateurish, kind of sexist, but I included it because it was shot at Flamingo Park in Miami Beach, where I played as a kid, won tennis trophies at ages 11 and 12, and was just at the exact spot in the video, before competing on the tennis court last November at my high school reunion. So it’s pretty nostalgic for me.


The secret to shedding fat fast is exercise intensity, study after study has found, including a recent one from the American Journal of Health Promotion.

In the study, investigators tracked 4,511 adults ages 18 to 64, assigning participants to four workout groups: high-intensity long bouts, high-intensity short bouts, low-intensity long bouts and low-intensity short bouts.

Both groups of high-intensity workouts lowered their body mass indexes, which lowers risk of being overweight or obese. Neither of the low-intensity workout groups showed the same benefits.

Additionally, each extra minute of high-intensity physical activity was linked to a decreased obesity risk of five percent for women and two percent for men.

This means that even if you’re short on time, you can still get a great workout — that may even help maintain your health over your lifetime.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the way to lose body fat, build lean muscle and increase your metabolism.

“HIIT is an all-out effort followed by a short period of rest,” he explained. “It should leave you out of breath and breathless, not like a slow, steady session of cardio.”

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Exercise Program For People With Almost No Time To Exercise

Here is a NYTimes video about HIIT (high intensity interval training), which suggests that a 20-minute workout at a time for three days a week can be very efficient for improving cardio and building muscles. You go really fast on a stationary bike for one minute and then slow down for another minute. Or do the same with swimming, stair climbing, etc.

I can relate to this, because I have two abs workouts that are short: a 5-minute DVD and an 8-minute video that are definitely developing some abs muscles. It was just too much to spend 30 minutes or so at a time doing crunches, even though I wasn’t taking long breaks.

If you are like me, with little time or interest in exercise, try the HIIT program…by the way, there is also the reminder that it’s easier to lose weight by limiting what goes into your mouth than by burning calories once the fat is part of your body.

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