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Taryn Brumfitt’s Startling Admission About Creating a Perfect Body

not the usual before and after

not the usual before and after

Australian mom Taryn Brumfitt wants to make a documentary to help women love their bodies, even if they are not “perfect.” Especially after they have kids, and curves appear where they didn’t exist before. Or even if child-bearing had nothing to do with the lumps that she formerly viewed as unflattering. So she is raising money through kickstarter to make her film. You can read about it here.

Most impressive is that she originally did not like her body and the way she looked in the mirror, so she started changing her appearance by exercising, dieting and going to the gym. Then she became a bodybuilder who competed in contests. Surprisingly, she says in her video, this did NOT change the way she felt about her body!!! Nothing changed.

Once she had a child, she really became upset, posted the picture to the right, and it went viral. So she interviewed women, gives speeches, and now wants to make the documentary.

You can read more about her here .

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100 Push Ups Update

I started again doing the third week’s first day: 14,18,14,14,20 with a 60-second break in between each set.

Glad I could do it, because I strained my back on Monday in the first hour of Monday’s tennis match…I had to serve around 13 deuces. Later I forced myself to do the push ups, and that’s when I couldn’t complete that last set. Didn’t even try to do any push ups on Wednesday. But I was able to play tennis Tuesday, Thursday and today, Friday. The heat from the tennis movement loosens up the muscles and minimizes the soreness.

Like Rocky…I am getting stronger. I am inspired by a story I just read today and will post soon about a woman who was told she’d never recover from cancer and brain surgeries, so she began running marathons…if she can do that, then I should be able to do a few push ups…

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