So I have discovered this female culture that exercises like crazy and makes giant muscles, competes in competitions, puts up with comments like “women shouldn’t have muscles like men,” and also a sub group that loves to display their developed bodies they have created in soft core videos and web cams. These women really are different from those thin little bods that the movie stars are showing off on red carpets.

Like ’em or not, their years of hard work and obsessive determination are certainly athletic achievements to be admired. Here are a few examples…and they sure do have abs! The videos will give you an idea of what happens in a bodybuilding competition, where certain poses are required that best display particular muscles.

Iris Kyle has won the Ms Olympia competition six times. If you go to this website, click on “competitions” and then on the third video from the left, you can see her winning posing routine.


Irene Anderson—2008

Iris Kyle—Ms Olympia (2006- 2010), Ms International (2006-2011)

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