This post is dedicated to ER who actually created the name of this web site at lunch one day, when I was describing my idea. He thought it was catchy, and I agreed.

Mike's great abs

Mike's great abs

Yesterday at another restaurant lunch, he told me that he watches an MTV reality show called Jersey Shore, about Italian Americans who rent a summer house together, and that one of the characters nicknamed The Situation has abs that should be displayed on my site. From what I gathered, he has this name, because as soon as he takes off his shirt and any young women see his abs, there is this “situation” in which they fall desperately in lust with him. Cute. I checked out the show for 10 minutes, saw Mike in the hot tub with a girl who fell for his muscles, and figured I had grasped the idea completely.

So here is a shot of Mike Sorrentino, who said the following:

“I’m very confident in being Italian. I’m proud to have spiky hair and I’m proud to have my six-pack. Whoever doesn’t like it, I’m not really too worried about it because everybody should love themselves. If you don’t love yourself, who will?”

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