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Jordan Romero At Age 13 Arrives At Top Of Mount Everest!

Jordan on top of Mt. Elbrus (highest in Europe) at age 10—7/11/07

The kid made it. Although he certainly sounds like a young man, rather than a boy. What an inspiration for those of us wanting to excel in any of our individual pursuits. You can read more about Jordan and see pictures of him in an earlier post. You can also visit his website, and watch the team’s progress as they climb down the mountain. One of the most adorable items in this latest story is that his FAVORITE good luck charm was a pair of kangaroo testicles. Wonder how heavy they are?

Also found an article from January 2009 that commented on Jordan: “… Jordan still needs to raise about $180,000 to complete these last three climbs, the bulk of which will go to Everest and Vinson. In order to raise the money, Jordan sells t-shirts and was recently awarded a Polartec Grant to help him in his quest.

You’ve got to hand it to the kid, he’s very dedicated to achieving his goal of becoming the youngest person to ever climb the Seven Summits, and he seems to really love being in the mountains.”

So the team behind and with him is really doing more than just walking up hills. It’s a huge logistical and fundraising effort.

By CARA ANNA, Associated Press Writer
Sat May 22, 5:16 am ET

BEIJING – A 13-year-old American boy became the youngest climber to reach the top of Mount Everest on Saturday, surpassing the previous record set by a 16-year-old Nepalese.

Jordan Romero called his mother by satellite phone from the summit of the world’s highest mountain, 29,035 feet (8,850 meters) above sea level. He is now one climb away from his quest to conquer the highest peaks on all seven continents.

“He says, ‘Mom, I’m calling you from the top of the world,'” Leigh Anne Drake told The Associated Press from California, where she had watched her son’s progress on a GPS tracker online.

“There were lots of tears and ‘I love you! I love you!'” Drake said. “I just told him to get his butt back home.”

The teenager with long curly hair — who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa when he was 9 years old — says he was inspired by a painting in his school hallway of the seven continents’ highest summits.

“Every step I take is finally toward the biggest goal of my life, to stand on top of the world,” Jordan said earlier on his blog.

The former record for the youngest climber to scale Everest had been held by Temba Tsheri of Nepal. He reached the peak at age 16. Read the rest of this entry »

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13-Year-Old Jordan Romero Is Climbing Mt. Everest This Week

Jordan Romero on his way up Mt. Everest

Here is an inspiring article about a person who is obviously not ordinary. But what an inspiration for those of us with dreams and who, like myself, need to push hard to be disciplined about efforts like gym exercises and abs crunches. Jordan Romero is a 5’10” 13-year-old who has been climbing mountains for years, has already reached five of the Seven Summits—the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents—and hopes to become one of just 200 people who have climbed all seven of those mountains. So now he is about to take on Mount Everest and become the youngest person in the world to reach that summit.

Jordan on the top of Oceania's highest mountain—9/1/09

The article questions whether any 13-year-old is able to understand the risks involved, how it will affect his brain development and whether his attempt should even be allowed. What do you think? He is already camped at 21,000 feet and waiting for some high winds to subside before climbing the next 8000 feet to the top by Sunday. Best wishes, kid…

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