Back from 3 1/2 hours of tennis today, starving, foot resting on an ice pack. I am giddy from playing the best tennis of my life…and my team won two of three sets against two very tough opponents: 2-6/6-3/7-6 (4). One player has beaten me every time we played singles over the last year. The other has lost only 3 or 4 sets in a year. But my partner, Joe Marshall (read his comment), is incredibly strategic, and he taught me a dozen moves, positions, tricks to play winning tennis. He is like a real life Brad Gilbert guiding me on the court.

I should add that I was out of country for 11 days and have spent the last two weeks working on taxes, bills, and catching up on friends’ and family members’ lives as well as other responsibilities. Cooped up in those British cities, I couldn’t stop myself from making it to the courts 9 of the last 11 days and playing 20 1/4 hours…I LOVE THIS GAME! I LOVE THE CHALLENGE!!

Turns out I am really good at returning line drives just above the net. Joe said I did 24 out of 25. But he was exaggerating. Could have been 20/25 though. And then making winners with most of those volleys. One time I won a game by vollying back a powerful overhand smash that was headed for my gut at 100+ miles per hour? Having abs might have made the difference…just joking. And I hit so many of the shots with my racket’s sweet spot, lots of power and ungettable placement.

Of course I am not taking even 50% of the credit for our victories. But maybe 40-45%. And it is so thrilling to hold up my end as these superior players forced my to upgrade my game. I have now really improved my serve with a new rhythm and flow, learned different places from Joe to stand when serving, discovered that I was shifting incorrectly when my partner moved over behind me, was taught how to distract my opponents. What fun to evolve to such improved capability. Somehow I was able to deliver more often the placement idea that was popping into my brain. So exciting.

I hope you have some activity that exhilarates you like this. I may not have known this high for decades before, but at least I am having it now…

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