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Dynamic Bits Of Incredible Action Videos

I can’t seem to get enough of these clips that show such beautiful, accomplished and dangerous moments in real people’s lives. Watching the Olympic skiers racing downhill at 80mph, I accept easily that I am not of their ilk. These people are from a different species.

One frustration is that I want to see more of the snippets. Fortunately the editor, Luc Bergeron, published this link to all 187 videos that he cut from. Fantastic…just find the number of the video you want to see more of, and you can be entertained for hours and days…

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240 Glorious Sports Clips

This an amazing assemblage of sports clips–240 of them– that show the beauty and grace of all kinds of sports. The editor, Luc Bergeron, has created many similar videos that you might want to look at here .

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