I don’t remember not being on a bike. I was the third child—and the first girl—and grew up playing football. I was one of the guys, and if my mom couldn’t find me, she’d look up the nearest tree.

I was always riding over lawns and in the woods. In high school, I was captain of the soccer team, was on the swim team, and softball team. I was a very jock-type person. I have always been athletic. I also like kayaking.

Then I acquired the taste for mountain biking, which is basically trail-riding in the woods. It is wonderful…and at age 48, one of my favorite things to do. There are not a lot of girls who do it, and it was an instant attraction.

Susan Georgia mountain bikes the Grand Canyon rim—2008

Susan Georgia mountain bikes the Grand Canyon rim—2008

I work in a doctor’s office, and I often arrived with my bike in the car. At the end of the day, I would ride on a level trail around a nearby pond.

My love for the sport really picked up after I met Gary four years ago. He is 56 now and has been riding seriously for a long time—doesn’t even get on a road bike unless he’s going for at least 50 miles.

Anyway he introduced me to much more aggressive mountain biking, which involves steeper trails with lots of rocks and tree roots. The rides are longer, say 15 miles, and the biking is more technical. Read the rest of this entry »

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