Johanna does moves at 86 that most of us could never do

A friend once said that I have a site for old people. Sort of annoyed me. When I see athletically fit old people—and 86 is definitely old and not middle aged—it gives me the inspiration to keep on acting like a younger person. If the oldsters can do it, no matter how rare or exceptional, then maybe I can be one of them too. And if the youngsters mind their diet and develop healthy habits, they will enjoy the vitality of capable bodies much longer than if they think it will all be ok without paying attention.

I do admit that it looks strange to see this old German Granny, white hair and wrinkles, performing tricks that I couldn’t do at 24. But watch her do the moves…She must have good abs!

COTTBUS, Germany–Gymnast Johanna Quaas, 86, performed an impressive parallel bar and floor demonstration after finals concluded at Germany’s Cottbus Challenger Cup – setting the new world record for the Oldest Gymnast, according to World Records Academy:

Displaying balance, strength and flexiblity that would be the envy of someone a quarter her age, Quaas’s floor routine included a handstand forward roll, cartwheel, backward roll and headstand, while on the bars she performed a full planche, holding her body taught and parallel to the ground.

A multiple-time senior champion of artistic gymnastics in Germany, Quaas, from Halle in Saxony only took up gymnastics when she was 30, putting an end to the belief that the sport is the preserve of the young.

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