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Dog With Abs

A dog's best friends

A dog’s best friends

Are you looking at the dog or the abs???

Rincon, a stray dog from Puerto Rico, was rescued by model Julian Schratter when he was visiting the island. Schratter brought the animal home to Brooklyn, New York, where he and his roommates, also models, decided to have a little fun with their new furry friend.

They created an Instagram account for Rincon under the handle, rincon_da_bully. The page, which features shots of the handsome pup along with his hunky friends, quickly gained popularity, and after just four months, boasts almost 19,000 followers.

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Rare Couple Both Sport Abs

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

Here is a well-heeled and well-abbed couple. Don’t see too many of these around. Congratulations! Maybe they work out together…

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Galliano’s Models Have Inspirational Abs

bathing suit model

pants and hat model

Fashion designer John Galliano is in the news these days (he was just fired for racist remarks), so I thought I’d check out his clothing designs and see what the world has been admiring for decades. This link will show you hundreds of his brilliant, imaginative and fantasy creations.

Many of his male models reveal their abs on the runway, so I thought I’d post a few pictures that will inspire you to work out and also save up for some of these unconventional costumes. On the other hand, I am not sure that the clothes they are modeling are ones you’d want to wear down main street USA. Am I wrong? And which of these men do you think has cosmetic abs that are simply drawn or painted on them, rather than being real muscles…maybe the guy with a 10-pack?

And if you are drawn to his clothes, these are macho looks that I bet you will never ever see in the bodybuilding magazines:

macho macho men

bathing suit model

pants and hat model

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Exercise Report

On June 27th, I did a little exercising at home and set two new personal bests this time around: 250 crunches (75+75+100), up from 200; and 73 total push ups, up from 69 in groups with 10-breath rests in between (45+11+8+9). But then my home-gym activity was interrupted by family stuff.

Played tennis on the 29th, when I substituted in doubles, then again today with the oldest guys. I am in a slump and hitting lots of balls long, though my serve is the best of most of the other six players. At least that is my professional, totally unbiased opinion. But my team still lost two out of three sets the first day, and both sets today, one in a tiebreaker.

Back to the gym this afternoon, where I set a record for bicycle crunches: 250 in four sets (80+60+60+50). Still made 8 pull ups followed by 5 chin ups.

Feeling pumped, so I wanted a new progress photo. A little awkward, when I asked some stranger to take the picture. He did it and ran out. It wasn’t that good. I decided not to ask guys in towels who might drop them to take the second shot. Finally found someone to do it who didn’t think I was coming on to him. Oh well. I am learning the delicacies of gym locker etiquette. Gotta figure out how to flex those abs. It can’t be that hard!

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