After last Sunday’s push on the bike, I was pretty tired and felt a bit weak in the legs. So I planned to rest. But I played tennis four days out of five for a total of 10+ hours and did ok, winning 7/12 sets. The playing is so much fun and challenging, regardless of who wins. My game was fairly decent, serve improving…I would like to be perfect. I think my brain makes my body keep going. I rarely feel tired when I play. Sometimes I lose focus in the third set.

Interesting to me how each time I wondered if I was going to feel pain or strain or injure myself on the court. The player ranks at the club are often decimated by colds, illnesses and accidents. I am constantly looking for subs or subbing in other games. I only have two games scheduled regularly each week, yet I am often playing three times. In January, I played four and five times each of two weeks. And the injuries are frequently to younger guys (that means 40’s or 50’s), rather than just 60’s and 70’s.

I watch the old man’s daily game each time I play and keep hoping I can be one of them in my 80’s. Love the game…

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