My friend Marc Sokolik, who wins medals in Senior Olympics each year, sent me this video about the 300,000 seniors who are still active, athletic, and competing enthusiastically. I know some of these shots are of old folks looking old. But when you are 100 and still winning tennis points, or pole vaulting at 86…what the hell. Let’s cut these old timers some slack. As one guy said, “most people my age are six feet under the ground.”

And it is definitely inspiring to me to stay with my sports as long as I am alive. Although I am so in love with tennis and other activities that I don’t really need much inspiration. It all feels too good, especially when I hit sweet spot winners at the net and flummox the 55-year-olds who can’t believe they just lost.

This clip is actually a trailer for the full-length PBS documentary called Age of Champions. One athlete says it’s great to just play and compete at their age. His buddy disagrees and says “winning is everything.” What do you think? Is it enough to just play, even if you lose, when you are in your 80’s or 90’s?

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