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A Week of Casual Conditioning—Frisbee, Tennis, Squash, Beach Running, Hiking After Turkeys

It’s been a busy week. I went to NY City last Wednesday (the 6th) to pick up my son from the end of his junior college year. I thought I could take it easy when we arrived home. However within five minutes of returning from my seven-hour round trip and unloading the car, I was “invited” to play Frisbee. Turns out my son wants to try out for the NYU Ultimate Frisbee team next fall and needs to practice. It was too good a chance to bond with my boy, so I re-learned how to throw and catch. I still have some bruises almost a week later.

After an hour of running after the spinning disc—no leaps, jumps and falls—I gave up and admitted I was tired. I had really been pushing hard and hoping he would want to stop first. In fact he played for another hour with his friend who happened to drop by shortly after I called it quits.

The next morning I was playing tennis doubles for 90 minutes, then an hour plus of practicing my spin serve with one person. My tennis game is really improving. Yet I am impressed that players who are not as good as I am overall are very comfortable correcting my game. And you know what—they often make good points, even if I think that I should be the one giving advice.

Then I fit in an hour of squash practice—mostly return of backhand serve. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Fairly Rigorous Exercise/Athletic Program

Yesterday was my birthday–I ate homemade berry pie (instead of birthday cake and ice cream), lunched with friends and family and talked on the phone to well wishers. No exercise. But today I was real physical. I played 90 minutes of doubles tennis, rested 30 minutes, practiced squash for an hour, rested 30 minutes, then spent two hours practicing tennis with a partner and playing 12 games. This is certainly going to help me stay fit…and I played the best doubles net games of my life–very confident. Also pleased that I was not tired after such a long vacation from regular sports activity. I even spent about three minutes on my abs around 11:30 pm. As you gather, I can be compulsive at times–I want to get back in shape…although I don’t see that tennis or squash develop any stomach muscles. They appear to be merely cardio with fun and friends.

My brother trains for mini-triathlons, and he says I don’t eat enough protein to build muscle. So I ate a whitefish sandwich for lunch and mussels and shrimp for dinner–I almost never eat red meat, pork and veal.

Eating enough food is a new challenge as I am a modest eater and don’t seem to crave meals as often as most other people…when I do eat, the quantities are pretty minimal. As one girl friend’s frustrated mom said about 25 years ago, “He eats like a bird.” I am also increasing my intake of water. I have never followed that eight glasses of water a day routine, but I am aiming for that much daily agua now…

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